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Cracker Components

Use our cracker snaps, paper hats, cardboard tubes and rollers to make professional looking crackers from scratch. You provide your own outer wrapper and gift contents. Some additional equipment and supplies are required including scissors, glue, wrapping paper and curling ribbon.This is a great Christmas activity for school age children and adults, perfect for class projects, fundraisers, company parties and other seasonal events.

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Cracker Papers

Use these fun holiday papers to make your own crackers! Each cracker paper measures 7.5 x 12 inches and is cut from quality gift wrap stock. Makes crackers up to 2 inches in diameter and 10 inches in length.

Packaged and sold in 6 sheets of a single design per poly bag.

$3.75 per bag

Cracker Snaps

Make certain your home-made crackers will **pop** every time by using our 11-inch long, commercial grade 'cracker snaps.' Suitable for use in crackers of lengths up to 12 inches.

Packaged and sold in bundles of 25 snaps.
Available only to customers in the United States.

$8.95 per bundle

Paper Hats

$5.95 per bundle

Paper hats, or tissue crowns as they are often referred to in Great Britain, have long been a standard feature of the British 'Party Cracker,' and yes, you must wear the hat to get the most out of your cracker pulling experience.

Available in assorted color bundles of 25 hats.

Cardboard Tubes

Our 2 x 4 inch cardboard tubes make the perfect solid center for your do-it-yourself crackers.

Sold in sets of 25 tubes.

$9.95 per set

Cracker Rollers

Rolling and gluing your crackers using our 2 x 4 inch cardboard tubes is made much easier with a set of our handy 'cracker rollers.'

Sold as a set of 2 rollers.

$4.50 per set

Mottos (Cracker Jokes)
Christmas crackers USA mottos

So what would a Christmas cracker be without the silly British joke or motto that you discover inside? And yes, these jokes frequently take several people an embarrassingly long amount of time to figure out, if ever!!! Our mottos are comprised of one silly riddle or joke in traditional British humor and one inspirational quote on the same card. Your order will comprise a sheet of 24 different mottos. Orders comprising more than one sheet of mottos will be filled with equal numbers of the unique sheets that are currently available.

Sold as a sheet of 24 mottos.

$3.50 per set

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